Reaching your audience on all platforms is critical and making an impact on your website visitors again is even more important. Email marketing, will help you do just this. Our email marketing agency in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona is specialized in the production of comprehensive email marketing campaigns.

If you want to reach your current target audienceto promote a new product or service, or let them know about your latest offer that they can’t miss, email marketing will help you get straight to their inbox so that your potential customer pays attention only to you. In addition, email marketing is a sales generation strategy that is low cost in resources and time.

Email marketing well done is essential to give trust and generate loyalty from your customer. It’s fast, it’s cost-effective, and it’s very easy to see its impact. Our email marketing services are not just about mass mailings. It is a strategy design adapted for you,with a completely personalized email for each of your clients, attractive subject lines and A/B testing.

Email Marketing Campaign

By using creative tailored email templates, analytics, and user behavior analysis, setting up a successful email marketing campaign is simple, when you turn to Adauge’s team of experts. Our experts at the Adauge email marketing agency in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, know how to effectively adapt campaigns to propel you towards success.

Email marketing can help multiply your profit for every euro invested, achieving an extraordinarily high return on investment. Our email marketing strategies are data-driven. This means that we track every email opening, every read and every click, analyze and optimize them to generate the best results. We can help you reach your potential customer 24/7, 365 days a year. With the opportunity to create more online sales, email marketing could be the next best strategy for your business.

Reconnect with your customers through effective email marketing


Planning and execution of an Email Marketing campaign


Creation of email marketing campaign

Email marketing goes far beyond simply getting an email into your customers’ inbox. Our email marketing campaigns bring an effective new strategy to your business marketing plan. If you want to send a reminder email to those who did not complete the purchase, or if you want to re-engage a particular segment of your customers, email marketing must be data-driven and based on a strategy. As an expert email marketing agency in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, we can offer you an effective solution.

Email marketing is a very cost-effective way to put your brand in the minds of your consumers. Reconnect, have them see you again, and restore your connection. Promote offers, products, services and content with an effective strategy for your email marketing campaign with the help of Adauge, the expert email marketing agency of Sant Cugat del Vallès.


Our story was born in 2014, as a result of the passion to communicate through the audiovisual projects, realities and lives that interested us humanly, focused from a perspective to communicate their value, their beauty and their human factor. With our clients we discovered that it was not enough to make “the best video in the world”, but that to reach their target audience we had to work very well all the online communication of the project. We thus enter the digital world with the luck of finding great professionals who have joined the Adauge team. A team that works with the same passion for communicating that illuminated the beginning of our company.

Albert Escuder | Adauge CEO

Adauge offers a total digital solution that includes audiovisual production, online communication and digital marketing services. We work hand in hand with you: we understand the essence of your business, where you are and where you want to go. We are proud to have successfully helped businesses and entities from various sectors and industries.

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We introduce you to some businesses and entities to whom we have provided service.
We are proud to have successfully helped brands and companies from various sectors and industries.


There has been a wide rise in the popularity of email marketing as a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies. If you’re looking for cost-effective lead generation, email marketing can help. 40% of B2B marketers believe that e-newsletters are critical to content marketing success and 90% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. It doesn’t matter what you want to share; Email marketing can generate a lot of success with a proper strategy.

At Adauge we want to make sure that each of our clients receives the most appropriate service to their specific reality, so we adapt our email marketing campaigns to each case. This way we run everything from unique campaigns that help drive traffic to your website, to weekly email marketing campaigns to keep your audience abreast of the latest news and trends.

When it comes to email marketing for businesses, there are few limitations: Best of all, literally any business can take over the service. Whether you have 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000 email addresses, you can run an email marketing campaign and see the results. From here, everything else is to optimize it to improve the results.