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Abat Oliba Spínola is a charter school in Barcelona.


Recruitment of new students through the promotion of registrations for parents and guardians of potential students through SEM and PPC campaigns.


Education and schools.


After having developed a customized website and seen the good results it was giving, the Spínola Abat Oliba School has wanted to bet on starting to carry out Inbound Marketing actions in order to attract new potential students / families and retain the families that are already in the school. To do this, while optimizing the website for SEO positioning, they wanted to carry out a SEM and PPC campaign to get qualified leads for student registrations.


We met with the client to determine with him what audience we should reach, what they wanted to convey and what was the main objective of the SEM and PPC campaign. In this way, we created a strategy that we began to apply and from that moment we have been optimizing the campaign to be able to get the most out of the investment in Ads, as well as adjusting based on the metrics that we are obtaining to give the school leads of the highest quality.


Qualified lead generation

Management focused on ROI

Conversion rate optimization

Measurable results

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Maria Elena Velez

We work with Adauge at the level of web design and development, SEO and SEM. Professionalism, availability, transparency, quick response and excellent results is what I can highlight. What we value most is the peace of mind that gives us the knowledge that they will look for the best solution or proposal for our needs and that communication with the team is fast, fluid and above all, sincere.

María Elena Vélez | Marketing and | Communication Loreto Abat Oliba