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Photography is the ubiquitous content in the online world and a fundamental element for any entity. The image is the most immediate way to reach your potential customers through the internet. We make the most suitable photos to generate the best content for your business. We take care of taking photographs for your business with the highest quality and professionalism, and with the most advanced technology.

Our photography services in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, allow us to carry out all types of projects. We take quality photographs for magazines, posters and the internet. Our goal is to help you communicate your message through images, focusing on the value, the human factor, the attractiveness, the truth, the beauty and the essence of your project.

In a world where everything is increasingly automated and the results are more similar,we want to offer a customized solution. The success of a photograph does not come from a series of trends to apply, but each project is unique and we face it from your hand and from scratch so as not to put limits on creativity and that the best possible photos arise.

In our experience they are always the result of working hand in hand with our clients:we talk to you to understand the essence of what you want to transmit,with what style you want to transmit it and what objectives you want to achieve with the photographs we are going to take. From knowing your needs and objectives well,we provide our technical knowledge to offer you effective solutions and suggest what type of photos are the most suitable for you. Captivate your customers with the most widespread content to communicate through the internet: photography. We understand that what you want to communicate is of great importance and therefore we keep you involved at every stage of the production process. Our photo studio services in Sant Cugat del Vallès will help you communicate your message beautifully and effectively.

Adauge is a creative agency with its own production company. This allows us to tackle any photographic / audiovisual project, from a portrait photo shoot to a cinematographic film. Although we can make large productions, we are focused on offering the best possible service to SMEs, and this is also reflected in our budgets. Maximum quality at the right price.


Photography studio


photography studio in sant cugat del vallés, barcelona

As a photographic studio in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, we are constantly renewing our material and technology to be at the forefront of current photographic trends and continue to make top photographs for our clients.

Our photo shoot services are not limited to a single type of photography; we have a solution for almost any type of photo you want to take. From portrait, stock photography to aerial landscape photography, our photo studio accompanies you to make your idea a reality and effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

Our team of experts works hand in hand with you to ensure that each phase of your photo shoot, from the initial idea, is approved by you and matches the image you want to give and the message you want to convey. We are proud of our photography services in Sant Cugat del Vallès and our experts value every project and challenge that comes our way.

With us you are in good hands: we have extensive experience in all kinds of photographs and videos, and the recognitions and awards that have been granted to us, as well as the satisfaction of all our customers endorses us.


Our story was born in 2014, as a result of the passion to communicate through the audiovisual projects, realities and lives that interested us humanly, focused from a perspective to communicate their value, their beauty and their human factor. With our clients we discovered that it was not enough to make “the best video in the world”, but that to reach their target audience we had to work very well all the online communication of the project. We thus enter the digital world with the luck of finding great professionals who have joined the Adauge team. A team that works with the same passion for communicating that illuminated the beginning of our company.

Albert Escuder | Adauge CEO

Adauge offers a total digital solution that includes audiovisual production, online communication and digital marketing services. We work hand in hand with you: we understand the essence of your business, where you are and where you want to go. We are proud to have successfully helped businesses and entities from various sectors and industries.

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Paulina Calderón Suárez
Paulina Calderón Suárez
Como gestora de comunicación freelance, necesito dar a mis clientes soluciones integrales, y ADAUGE ha sido LA SOLUCIÓN en temas de SEO y RRSS. Son profesionales, creativos y propositivos, pero, y sobre todo, tienen la actitud, amabilidad y disposición para que los proyectos salgan bien, tal y como el cliente los necesita. Ponerse en sus manos es estar en territorio seguro.
Maria Pilar Garcia Valdecasas Canet
Maria Pilar Garcia Valdecasas Canet
Es una gran empresa, con grandes profesionales que te ayudan en todo momento a que tu proyecto salga perfecto. Un gran acierto, repetiremos!!!
Mami Pilar
Mami Pilar
Valoro muy postivamente la profesionalidad, que va más allá de un simple partner o proveedor. La experiencia ha sido tan buena!! No se puede pedir más, mientras grababan, cuandoeditaban como se han adaptado a nuestras necesidades. Lo volveremos a utilizar, seguro!!! Calidad precio 10/10
Venancio Carrión
Venancio Carrión
Grandes profesionales, atención personalizada, hacen suyo tu proyecto.
Nuria Rosiñol
Nuria Rosiñol
Grandes profesionales con excelentes resultados. Crean productos audiovisuales de calidad totalmente adaptados a las necesidades requeridas, además de ofrecer una alta predisposición y flexibilidad.
Life Teen Spain
Life Teen Spain
Des de Life Teen Spain vam demanar a ADAUGE la gravació i edició d’algunes ponències del Life Teen European Training a Montserrat. Van realitzar àgilment l’entrega dels vídeos i ara disposem d’uns continguts de valor que podrem utilitzar i difondre a través dels nostres mitjans
Visualis , porque son tus ojos
Visualis , porque son tus ojos
El trato cercano, la total disponibilidad, la rapidez en la entrega de trabajos... hace que sea muy cómodo y fácil trabajar con Adauge.
Lluís Bou
Lluís Bou
Con la precisión del observador atento, AUDAGE se ha ajustado con exactitud, inteligencia y tacto a la necesidad comunicativa del proyecto de PuntBCN. Y con la originalidad del espíritu creativo, ha ofrecido las respuestas geniales del profesional que ama su trabajo.


The time a photo shoot can take depends on many factors: the type of photographs, the production and shooting needs, the complexity of retouching and post-production, the resources involved in each stage of making your photos. We offer tailor-made quotes for each project: all you have to do is fill out our form with the photography specifications or call us for more information.

We conduct photo shoots following a number of different stages, each of which helps us get a more detailed idea of what you want your final photos to look like. From the first meeting to pre-production, photo shoot, retouching and layout, we handle all aspects to make your photos with excellent results.

Of course. We take on photographic projects that involve thousands of photographs divided into different categories. We will hold a meeting and ask you to complete a specification document for each photo pack to ensure that they will be done the way you need and we will be in touch with you at every stage so that all the photos are in line with your expectations. In addition, by hiring several packs of photographs you will benefit from discounts according to the amount contracted.