We work hand in hand to help you create (or redefine) your brand,write your story and communicate it through images. What is your brand? What they say about your entity when you are not in front.

You have to define and develop your own brand according to what you want to convey to facilitate the world to perceive you according to how you are interested. We want to offer you excellence in our solutions with ideas and creatives that adapt to the maximum to the identity of your brand.

Unleash your creativity and break down conventional barriers with designs adapted to what your entity needs. Our graphic design and branding services in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, are able to successfully tackle virtually any branding and graphic design project you can imagine.

Diseño gráfico y branding

In our experience, the most appropriate way to do branding and graphic design for a brand is to work hand in hand with the client:no one better than him knows what he wants to convey. Our job is to help you discover your differential value so that we can graphically communicate the identity of your brand. We talk to you to understand the essence of your business,where you are and where you want to go. From knowing your needs and objectives well, we provide our technical knowledge to offer you creatives that adequately communicate what you want to transmit.

We make your customers experience the personality of your brand through the five senses. Branding is much more than graphic design: We develop the corporate identity of your entity that is easily recognizable, different from what your competition is doing and get the top of mind. We think of a strategy to design an identity that generates emotions. We make your target audience feel your brand.

We make your images, creatives and graphic designs express the identity of your brand. We make your brand generate the impact you want to your target audience to facilitate their identification with you. Here at Adauge, we take care of providing you with the combination of services you need, to help you unleash your creativity and produce the right creatives to make your customers experience your brand personality by the five senses. Our graphic design and branding team at Sant Cugat del Vallès understands how much your business means to you and keeps you involved in all stages of the design process.

We develop the corporate identity of your brand and make it stand out




As an expert agency in graphic design and branding in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, we are the latest in design trends and in constant innovation of our methods to always stay at the forefront and be able to offer you beautiful designs that adapt to the personality of your brand,and make it recognizable and perennial over time. We are creative, specialists and offer tailor-made solutions to help you generate the corporate identity that your entity deserves.

Our graphic design and branding services are not limited to a generation of attractive graphics. While we take care of them in detail to offer you completely personalized images according to your brand, our graphic design team works to ensure that your brand is recognizable,transmits the personality of your brand, stands out from your competition and is durable over time.

Our team of experts works hand in hand with you to ensure that every element, from the color palette, is approved by you and matches your brand’s identity and message. We are proud of our graphic design and branding services in Sant Cugat del Vallès and our experts value every project and challenge that comes our way.


Our story was born in 2014, as a result of the passion to communicate through the audiovisual projects, realities and lives that interested us humanly, focused from a perspective to communicate their value, their beauty and their human factor. With our clients we discovered that it was not enough to make “the best video in the world”, but that to reach their target audience we had to work very well all the online communication of the project. We thus enter the digital world with the luck of finding great professionals who have joined the Adauge team. A team that works with the same passion for communicating that illuminated the beginning of our company.

Albert Escuder | Adauge CEO

Adauge offers a total digital solution that includes audiovisual production, online communication and digital marketing services. We work hand in hand with you: we understand the essence of your business, where you are and where you want to go. We are proud to have successfully helped businesses and entities from various sectors and industries.

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archbishopric sem and ppc
Visualis , porque son tus ojos
Visualis , porque son tus ojos
El trato cercano, la total disponibilidad, la rapidez en la entrega de trabajos... hace que sea muy cómodo y fácil trabajar con Adauge.
Lluís Bou
Lluís Bou
Con la precisión del observador atento, AUDAGE se ha ajustado con exactitud, inteligencia y tacto a la necesidad comunicativa del proyecto de PuntBCN. Y con la originalidad del espíritu creativo, ha ofrecido las respuestas geniales del profesional que ama su trabajo.
Ignasi Llorens Caralt
Ignasi Llorens Caralt
ADAUGE ens va fer el disseny i desenvolupament de la nova web de l’ACAT (Acció dels Cristians per l’Abolició de la Tortura) per tal de millorar la comunicació online de la nostra entitat i, d’aquesta manera, poder arribar d’una manera renovada i més eficaç a tothom qui és sensible als drets humans i que vol l’abolició de la tortura, de la pena de mort i altres tractes cruels inhumans i degradants. A dia d’avui, ens gestionen el manteniment del web i ens assesoren amb indicacions i ressolució de dubtes relacionats amb l’aspecte digital de la nostra entitat.
José Joaquín García Serrano
José Joaquín García Serrano
Trabajamos con ADAUGE la comunicación online de la Compañía de las Obras España. Nos ayudan en todo el diseño de creatividades, en la creación de contenidos y en la difusión de los mismos a través de la web, las redes sociales y la newsletter. Es un equipo proactivo y se anticipan a las necesidades comunicativas de nuestra entidad para dar un buen servicio de comunicación de manera ágil y eficaz. Estamos muy contentos con ellos.
María Ordóñez Fernández
María Ordóñez Fernández
Hemos realizado varias piezas audiovisuales con ADAUGE desde el 2018 y se han adaptado a las necesidades del proyecto para proporcionarnos los vídeos con los requisitos indicados. Muy fácil trabajar con ellos, facilitando la ejecución y cubriendo las necesidades del cliente con muy buenos resultados. Esperando nuevas oportunidades de colaboración
Xarxes Càritas Catalunya
Xarxes Càritas Catalunya
Gràcies a ADAUGE i als seus professionals vam aconseguir el desafiament de renovar totalment el disseny conceptual de la nova web i posar en òrbita les nostres xarxes socials. Un dels elements fonamentals de l'èxit va ser l'excel·lent comprensió de l'essència de la nostra organització
Magrada Proyectos
Magrada Proyectos
Hemos colaborado en varios proyectos de Producción audiovisual y de proyectos web complejos. Las propuestas siempre aportaron valor, y un trato directo , en cuanto a la comunicacion siempre es excelente, reuniones faciles de entender sin tecnicismos.
Barcelona Music Studio
Barcelona Music Studio
Profesionales, eficaces y diligentes. Adauge es y ha sido siempre referente en el sector audiovisual y de marketing online


The time it can take for a graphic design and branding project will depend on what service you need: it is different to generate a corporate identity from scratch to make a small adaptation, or design a banner for a digital marketing campaign to generate a business logo. In any case, the graphic design process is closely linked to information that you must previously provide us so that we can get to work. In branding and graphic design we work hand in hand with the client, since their knowledge and perception of the brand is fundamental throughout the process.

The process of graphic design and / or development of the branding of your entity has a series of different stages, each of which helps us to get a more detailed idea of how you want the visual identity of your brand to be. From the initial stage of research to the structuring, graphic design, prototyping and result of the orders you make us, we handle all aspects of the design process so that you have your brand to measure, that transmits the personality you want, differentiates, is recognizable among so much overinformation and is a lasting design over time.

Of course. We are open to take on new branding and graphic design projects, and renovations to help you modernize your brand image. We will hold a meeting and ask you to detail certain specifications of your corporate identity to make sure we make a design with the personality you need and we will be in contact with you at each stage to make sure that the branding and graphic design of your entity is the most suitable for what you want to convey.