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The documentary “Rodando al Destino” was the first audiovisual production we made. We started it at the end of 2014 and it was the impulse that made us make the leap to the professional world. Making this film about the life and story of overcoming Francisco Javier González Candela was the spark that started this adventure that is now called Adauge. The project made us discover the power that a real story can have and made us take the first steps in our vocation to communicate projects and stories that are worthwhile. We produced and distributed the documentary in cinemas in Europe and the USA.


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Since childhood Fran suffers from Friedreich’s ataxia; a degenerative disease of the cerebellum that causes it to progressively lose stability, balance and strength in the extremities. The documentary explains the story of his life through the testimonies of family and friends. It shows the difficulties, joys and sorrows that Fran has lived and that have led her, despite everything, to live an intense and happy life. Eventually he ended up going in a wheelchair and is currently very dependent, since he cannot even stand up. But the most fascinating thing Fran has is the passion and joy with which she lives her life despite the difficult circumstances she goes through, and how she spreads is joy to the multitude of people who go through
his life.


We made the film because of the unforeseen gift that was Fran’s appearance in our lives. We believe that a documentary of his life is a beautiful way to convey the novelty of seeing how someone with so many difficulties lives with such intensity and with so much desire for a great life.

We want to see where his desire comes from and why he has been growing through the encounter with concrete people he has met during his life. It is not, therefore, a question of generating compassion towards him, nor of sensitizing or claiming anything of a social nature; we are interested in understanding why Fran can live happily with the harsh circumstances she is going through and the mark she has left on all her friends.

We hope that this story will serve to help other people in similar situations, as well as help us better understand how we can all live happily through what we each have to live.


Juan Orellana

The work in Rolling to Destiny is much more complicated than it may seem. They place the camera right in the place that avoids sentimentality on the one hand and cold distance on the other. Not everyone knows how to respect the viewer like this.

Juan Orellana| Film critic