Digital transformation is no longer just a differentiating factor for companies, but a decisive element for the processes optimization and costs for business. The digital revolution has changed the the entire business fabricparadigm for a few years now, new businesses based on the digital world have been created and have changed the essence of traditional business.

The digital revolution is no longer just an opportunity, but above all it is an obligation to guarantee the viability and prosperity of almost any business. The digitalization of processes allows businesses to make use of digital technologies to optimize processes so that they are more efficient, more productive, more profitable and provide greater value to the end customer by combining their digital and physical experience with your company.

From Adauge we not only accompany you in automate an existing process to optimize it; we also advise you on a possible modification of the business model, changing the value chain and creating new offers of products and services (which will arise as a result of the application of digital technologies in products or services prior to transformation), which will promote a better way to add value to the end customer.

digital optimization of the company

We integrate digital technology into all areas of your business so you can adapt to the present, keep pace with emerging customer demands, and stay the course in the future by competing in a changing economic environment as technology evolves. Digital transformation allows to reduce the processes that a company does or could do today, automates the work of procedures and procedures and turns the process into software.

From Adauge we accompany you to prepare your customized solution that allows you to digitize the processes of your business so that you can optimize and automate them so that you can dedicate yourself to your business, making it more competitive and saving in resources of time and money.

We study the most appropriate solution and integrate it into your processes




Streaming post-covid face-to-face classes

Maximization of student attendance, reduction of expenses and avoid duplication of resources in teaching / schedules.

Online registration for schools

Online registrations, telematic admissions and obtaining online documentation for schools.


optimization and digitalization of your business

As experts in digital transformation and integration of tailor-made digital solutions in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, we have at our disposal the latest technologies that exist in the market to be able to develop with our experts the solutions that are most appropriate to optimize the processes of your business, your product, your service … We are up to date in trends and solutions, and we are constantly innovating our methods to always stay at the forefront and be able to offer you the best customized digital solution that suits the needs of your business. We are digital creatives, specialists and we offer you a tailor-made solution to help you achieve your goal through the digital world. Our digital transformation and automation implementation team combines the experience in the solutions and services we offer at Adauge to ensure success in your business processes.

Our digitization and automation services are not limited to an application of existing standard programs, although we work with the latest technologies in the market, our goal is to go hand in hand with you to present a personalized solution adapting to your business strategy and focusing on your objectives and your resources to achieve maximum performance with the solution we propose. We are proud of our digital transformation and automation services in Sant Cugat del Vallès and our experts value every project and challenge that comes our way.


Our story was born in 2014, as a result of the passion to communicate through the audiovisual projects, realities and lives that interested us humanly, focused from a perspective to communicate their value, their beauty and their human factor. With our clients we discovered that it was not enough to make “the best video in the world”, but that to reach their target audience we had to work very well all the online communication of the project. We thus enter the digital world with the luck of finding great professionals who have joined the Adauge team. A team that works with the same passion for communicating that illuminated the beginning of our company.

Albert Escuder | Adauge CEO

Adauge offers a total digital solution that includes audiovisual production, online communication and digital marketing services. We work hand in hand with you: we understand the essence of your business, where you are and where you want to go. We are proud to have successfully helped businesses and entities from various sectors and industries.

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We introduce you to some businesses and entities to whom we have provided service.
We are proud to have successfully helped brands and companies from various sectors and industries.


The time it can take for a tailor-made digitization project will depend on which strategy you choose to implement, as well as the services involved: it is different to implement a solution in a business that does not have any stage of digitalization carried out than to perform it when well-integrated solutions are already available beforehand. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt each solution to the specific reality of the client. In any case, the process of implementing digital solutions can be established in more detail after a meeting and audit in which we will know where you are and determine the concrete actions to follow and more specific deadlines to carry out the implementation.

Our digitalization services accompany you throughout the necessary process to ensure that we give you the solution that we have considered most appropriate based on the detailed knowledge of your business and our professionalism in the most cutting-edge technologies that exist in the market. This is how we carry out a study, we deliver a solution proposal and when you give us the go-ahead we carry out the development and implementation of the solution in your business. Later we do a training so that you can work with it autonomously. The process of developing a customized digitization solution for your entity can become so personalized that until we hold a meeting it is impossible to determine what actions are going to be carried out in each specific case. You can contact us without obligation to explain your particular case and we will provide you with more detailed information.

Of course. If you have already taken the step of taking some (or many) steps towards the digital transformation of your business and you have had a good supplier, you will surely be satisfied with the results that were obtained in your day. We can take advantage of the digital solutions that are already integrated into your business so that our structure complements and you can use everything you already have in favor of your business. Our personalized proposal contemplates the integration and enhancement of the technologies you already have.